The Daily Show has been an overflowing fount of talent for Hollywood lately. Some correspondents are going foodie, and some are pulling Seth Rogen into the comedy of cancer. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Daily Show head writer Ben Karlin (who is also a part of the cancer project) and Stu Zicherman are dipping into the world of divorce for Miramax. A.C.O.D. (which stands for Adult Children of Divorce) will follow a grown man who struggles over his parents 15-year-old divorce. But have no fear -- while it might sound like this is yet another tale of men who won't grow up, it isn't. As an adult, this guy finds out that he was part of a study on divorced kids years ago, and has been tapped for a follow-up that "wreaks havoc on his family." I'm not sure how, exactly, finding out that you were part of a divorce study could be so chaotic, but if they got Colbert to star, I'd be there opening night.

Meanwhile, look out, Troop Beverly Hills! It looks like competition is on the way. Variety reports that Walden Media has got themselves a handful of Tough Cookies. Written by Carley and Chelsea Steiner, the project focuses on a deadbeat dad who is ordered to form a scout troop for his bad-girl daughter and her friends. "They then use their unconventional ways to compete against snobbish rivals to win a national scout competition." Man, this is bringing back memories. Maybe Shelley Long can pop up in a cameo? Or Carla Gugino can play Mom? Maybe Jenny Lewis heads a rival troop?
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