The awards ceremony might not air until Tuesday, but thanks to the beauty that is the Internet (and Ace Showbiz), read on to see the winners for Scream 2008.

Being a fanboy's wet dream, there's really no surprise that The Dark Knight was insanely victorious -- it's probably more of a surprise to list what the film didn't win, rather than what it did. Nevertheless, after earning 21 nods, it nabbed 12 of them, including Ultimate Scream Movie, Best Sequel, Best Hero and Villain, and Best F/X. But the man who follows the bat signal wasn't the only victorious hero -- Hellboy II got Best Fantasy Movie, and Iron Man scored Best Sci-Fi, as well as a Best Actor win for Robert Downey Jr. The other big winner was Tim Burton's music-filled blood-letting Sweeney Todd, which grabbed Best Horror Movie and Best Actor for Johnny Depp. But it must be said -- kudos to Teeth for biting its way into a vagina dentata award -- Most Memorable Mutilation.

Sure, this is a fan-centric sort of awards ceremony, so it doesn't necessarily hint at the future, but maybe this is just a nice warm-up for the man with wings, and his utterly enticing villain who might be gone, but left on one hell of an impressive high note. can hope!

If you alone were in charge of handing these awards out, would you make any changes?
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