It's perhaps the most sought-after movie soundtrack of the year, and now it's kinda sorta available online for you to throw on in the background while you dream of sexy vampire boyfriends and ... dark stuff! Yup, looks like most of the upcoming Twilight soundtrack has hit YouTube, and it features songs from angsty bands like Linkin Park, Collective Soul, The Black Ghosts and -- wait for it -- the super misunderstood hottie Robert Pattinson himself on a tune called Never Think. (Tell me this guy Pattinson didn't pick the right movie to sign on to? I hope he sends his agent flowers and candy every single day.)

Other artists who appear on the pre-sold out album include Muse, Perry Farrell, Iron & Wine, Carter Burwell, MuteMath, Paramore and Blue Foundation. I've only listened to a few of the tunes (definitely dig the Collective Soul), and, ya know, it's Twilight -- so we're looking at darker, moodier, emo-esque vampire-ish tunes. For fans who don't want to listen to it on YouTube or wait until the album officially comes out on November 4th (pre-order it here), you can swing on by a Hot Topic store on Friday, October 24th at 7pm where they'll be hosting listening parties. We've posted the complete track list and a few of the songs after the jump. Enjoy.

Twilight storms theaters on November 21st.