Since we're kinda close to Halloween, it seems folks are all about talking up potential supernatural projects on the big screen. First we have Ghostbusters 3 -- a sequel we've been hearing lots about lately, especially since it was announced that writers had been summoned to throw together a script. The original cast might come back, but word has it a set of new, Apatow-ish younger recruits may be called in to take over -- with the name Seth Rogen coming up time and time again. When we caught up with Rogen over the summer, he claimed to have no idea they were even thinking about a Ghostbusters 3, but seemed excited at the possibility ("Sounds fun, though -- I'm psyched about it"). Now, well, he's changed course -- and during the recent Zack and Miri press junket, had this to say to Collider: "It's hard to imagine that would be good, isn't it? I mean just as a movie fan I am the first guy to be skeptical of that. It sounds like a terrible idea when you first hear it." Make up your mind, Seth! Do you or don't you dig it?

Changing course, during his recent Trek-outage J.J. Abrams briefly spoke to MTV about a possible Lost: The Movie. While it definitely seems like an iffy proposition, he said, "The only reason why I think maybe there would be a movie is that by doing that - which is hopefully the right way to go and that's it - you do have that sense of, well, it didn't go on any longer and therefore is there something else that you could do? So there's a chance, but my gut is it would never happen."

So here's our question today: Would you rather a Ghostbusters 3 or Lost: The Movie? Which potential project shows the most promise?

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