While Choke hacks its way across theater screens, another Chuck Palahniuk novel is getting the spotlight. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Haunted has been optioned by New School Media. (Sweet! I might find use for those postcards from my forgotten days as a street team member after all!)

But don't expect anything of Pitt proportions. Belgian director Koen Mortier has signed on to adapt and direct the film, which will only be the director's third feature (after last year's Ex Drummer and the upcoming 22nd of May). While Mortier might be able to knock this out of the park, I think chances are good that this will be another on-screen adaptation that fails to live up to the fervor incited by Fight Club. But the content is certainly interesting.

Haunted follows a group of people who sign up for a secret writers' retreat, only to get locked in an abandoned theater, forced to write for the mysterious Mr. Whittier. Instead of finding themselves victims to a horrific mastermind, the writers are the ones that begin to destroy their surroundings and torture themselves. The problem comes in with how this will play out -- will Mortier film the story of the writers with the writers' stories, or choose to tell a simple tale?

Either way, I'll still wait for Invisible Monsters. If we can get Baron Underbheit, we can get Daisy.
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