Color me not surprised, but still disappointed -- after raising the hopes of Ash fans everywhere at Comic Con, Sam Raimi is throwing his best hero back to that damned back burner with regards to an Evil Dead 4. In a discussion with MTV, he said that there was too much work needed for Drag Me to Hell, so "we never did it," and it's back on hold. Raimi swears he'll still do it, but at this rate, it'll just end up being Bubba Ho-Tep with Ash instead of Elvis. Someone needs to point a boom stick at Raimi's back side and get his arse in gear.

According to Variety, 50 Cent, Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham (there's a trio that could kick anyone's ass) have signed on to star opposite Sam Riley in the English-language remake of 13 Tzameti. Film tells of a man who steals a mysterious package then watches it lead to all sorts of craziness. The film is currently shooting in and around NYC.

There is another face, however, that is heading for the shadows -- Rob Reiner. After picking up someTravel Writing, The Hollywood Reporterposts that he will direct a new film from Zoe Green called Book of Shadows. But the twist is -- this ain't no Charmed. Instead, it's pretty much a new Indiana Jones with adventure done romance-style. I'm not quite sure how this works, but a young man is on a quest to find this book to save the world, and "must embark on the perilous journey of first love and face many trials of maturity" to do so. ... Your guess is as good as mine!
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