Though I doubt this'll be news to anyone already psyched for this film (of which there are many some?), it looks like this Thursday night brings with it a marathon of the Saw series at select AMC locations (the list is after the jump), leading up to the midnight premiere of Saw V.

I actually took part last year (the first for the event, I believe), having felt a need to dust off #1 and brush up on #3, and having had no great qualms at sitting through #2 (my favorite to date), all for the same one-time admission. The cost has been bumped up to $15 this year, but that's still a relative bargain for all the bone-cracking action you can stand.

It was an exhausting effort to go eight straight hours, let me assure you, and one that I don't see myself repeating this year to the count of ten. I've admitted my franchise fatigue elsewhere, so leave it to Scott to be a bit more positive about the prospect of this weekend's second-most horrifying new release (that's right, HSM fans, I'm talking to you).

[Thanks to Fangoria for the theater listings.]

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