Incredible Hulk, Flight of the Red Balloon, The Strangers

Above: Incredible Hulk, Flight of the Red Balloon, The Strangers

Incredible Hulk
"There once was an angry young man..." sounds like a fairy tale, but the rebooted Hulk got a huge leg up with the casting of the intense Edward Norton as the scientist who turns green with rage. This Hulk has narrative problems, but as a straight-ahead action picture it keeps a pretty good beat as it rocks along, and definitely benefits from Norton and Tim Roth as his nemesis; Liv Tyler and William Hurt also star. Scott examined all the features of the 3-disk Special Edition on DVD; also available in a single-disk DVD edition and on Blu-ray. Buy it.

Flight of the Red Balloon
Juliette Binoche hires a Taiwanese film student as nanny for her son, and magical moments begin. Jeffrey M. Anderson said Binoche was "simply miraculous" and that the film itself "could be one of those magic moments that people could appreciate if only they would take the time." Now's the time, people! Hou Hsiao-Hsien is an amazing filmmaker and this a perfect alternative to Hulk's smash/bang. Available on what looks like a bare-bones DVD. Rent it.

The Strangers
It's Liv Tyler week! She and Scott Speedman play a troubled couple besieged by masked strangers in their own home. Writer/director Bryan Bertino takes a commendably low-key approach to their night of terror, but there were far too many cheap scares and telegraphed thrills for me. Eugene Novikov was much more impressed, however, so decide for yourself. Available on DVD and Blu-ray; both include R-rated and unrated versions. The unrated cut includes about five minutes of additional footage, mostly near the climax. Rent it.

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