This week, we see the big-screen release of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. While Zac Efron and the other cuties have certainly got a strangle hold on young girls everywhere, HSM has some pretty big high school musical shoes to compete against -- Grease.

Personally, I think it's no contest. Way-too old actors versus cherubic youngins? Grease is the word. (The very, very dirty word.) Besides, Sandy's stilettos can kick the crap out of the Wildcats, although neither team looks particularly slick in their spanky sport uniforms.

I would've thought that new kids and Disney marketing would be enough to trounce the old and loved classic, or create a distinct generational divide, but seeing things like this suggests that there is something to give us hope in the world. But maybe I'm a crazy old broad. Watch the video, reminisce, and weigh in below! (And please feel free to add Grease 2 to the mix as well, if you prefer Cool Riders.)

Additionally, if you're just a HSM nut and can't wait till this weekend to rock out with the latest songs on the big screen, feel free to grab this brand new widget Disney sent us and go to town. The High School Musical 3 soundtrack hit stores today.