Hmm, how do I want to be crushed to death today: by a giant freakin' robot from another planet, or by a freak-ish contraption some warped serial killer dreamt up? Chillax folks, no one has gone and created a theme park ride that kills people (except for that one time when ... and that other time ... oh, and remember that time ...). Visitors to Universal Parks & Resorts will be treated to a brand new Transformers attraction at the parks in both Hollywood and Singapore come early 2011. Variety tells us the ride will "use 3-D HD footage with special effects, robotics and track to place humans in the middle of a war between the friendly Autobots and evil Decepticons, who can turn into cars, trucks, planes and other vehicles." No word on whether they'll be a Megan Fox ride for adults over the age of 18, but Vegas is only a few hours away from Hollywood, so ...

But maybe you're not into a ride that tries to trick your brain with dumb 3-D images and harmless explosions. Perhaps you want something a little more ... ballsy. Well, as previously reported, a theme park in the UK is actually planning a ride based on the Saw franchise. Instead of silly robot wars, however, this one boasts a beyond vertical drop of 100-degree from a height of 100ft, as well as three inversions. Nutty, huh?

So which would you choose to ride first?

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