Okay ... the lady is officially possessed with nuptials -- but at least this time it's about running away from them. On the heels of Rachel Getting Married and Bride Wars, Anne Hathaway is adding another wedding-centric production. Varietyreports that she's just signed on for a new rom-com called The Fiance.

Instead of being stringently tight-arsed about a wedding date with Kate Hudson, she will star as a woman who cancels her wedding and breaks off her engagement to try and find herself. But since her ex-beau is the seemingly "perfect fiance," her parents try to get them back together, which blocks her from moving on.

Disney originally picked up the project (and dropped it) before Warner Bros. got their hands on it, which doesn't necessarily bode well, but there is a bright side. First, Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder) is penning a rewrite. Second, Burr Steers will direct it. Relative of Gore Vidal, this is the guy who wrote and directed the excellently dysfunctional indie Igby Goes Down. That's enough to keep me optimistic. How about you?
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