That headline seems to be a bit harsh, considering that Dimension Extreme recently gave me very fine DVDs of Teeth, Diary of the Dead, Inside, and Welcome to the Jungle -- but those flicks were just pick-ups. To get a better example of what Dimension plans to produce for next year, we look at titles like Feast 3 and a new version of Children of the Corn. Also on tap: A new trilogy from writer/director Marcus Dunstan called Midnight Man, a zombie flick called Dead By Daylight, another Pulse sequel, and (for some reason) a follow-up to Hell Ride.

According to Variety, the Weinsteins aim to copy the video technique they used a few years back when they made money on the (rather lame) sequels to Hellraiser, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Crow, and The Prophecy. But at least I enjoyed Feast 2, so that kind of makes up for Pulse 2. And yes, apparently there will be more Halloween flicks, but no word on if Rob Zombie will be involved. In total Dimension has 18 new video titles lined up for 2009, but apparently they're keeping quiet on a bunch of them.

On the theatrical front, Dimension is still working on that 3-D Piranha remake ... and don't they still own the rights to Stephen King's Cell? What gives there?
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