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Shortly after the new extended Watchmen trailer was revealed during last night's Scream Awards comes this very slick looking teaser poster for the film, via Yahoo. Those familiar with the graphic novel will notice this image of Comedian falling to his death as a scene right at the beginning, and, since I've personally seen this scene in its entirety (read my rundown on Watchmen footage here), I can tell you that this is from the very first scene of the film as well. Essentially, Comedian gets into a brawl inside his apartment with an unknown assailant, and eventually gets thrown through his own window, down to the street below. After he lands, the fantastic opening credit sequence begins.

Definitely one of the cooler posters of the year, though it's hard for me to understand how the MPAA gives Kevin Smith and Zack and Miri Make a Porno tons of trouble, and yet they have no problem with a poster featuring a guy falling to his death. I don't think I'll ever get their reasoning, but regardless I'm totally pumped for Watchmen. Read the graphic novel if you haven't already. The film arrives in theaters on March 6th.

Check out this poster and a ton more images from the film in the gallery below.