Wanna know what's going on today, but don't feel like reading a lot? Welcome to Stuff and Things -- where we collect the stuff (and things) currently making waves online and spit it out in one somewhat short, easy-to-read post.

-- First off, Slashfilm posted this image of a Predator-carved pumpkin (see above), and I'd like to personally thank them for the nightmares I'm going to have tonight. God bless the children in that household.

-- Ashton Kutcher is still making movies. That's the bad news. Seems he's teaming with 21 director Robert Luketic on a new action comedy called Five Killers about a former hitman (Kutcher) whose life gets turned upside down when a rival from his past hires a group of killers to whack him. Unfortunately, it's not based on a true story. (What? It's Halloween ... time, I'm allowed to be morbid!) [Variety]

-- Moviefone just put up an Unscripted chat with the cast of High School Musical 3 ... and that Vanessa Hudgens girl? Yowzers! No wonder I hate Zac Efron so much.

-- Al Pacino received a lifetime achievement award at the third Rome Film Festival, which just kicked off its festivities. The fest runs through October 31.

-- Actress Teri Polo signed on to star in Joe Dante's The Hole, about a family who go through changes following the discovery of a bottomless hole in the basement of their house. Sounds like some serious termite damage, right there. [Hollywood Reporter]

-- Transformers II has become the first film in years to shoot at the Pyramids in Egypt. Nope, I gots no Megan Fox jokes for this one.

-- Is the end nearing for Focus Features? Patrick Goldstein explores what, unfortunately, appears to be the demise of Universal's specialty division.

-- Finally, Jesse James Hollywood will get his day in court. Remember Alpha Dog? Yeah, it's that dude.

After the jump: Is that a real porno, a teaser trailer for The Flash and Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino gets a poster.
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