Consider this Burr Steers day on Cinematical. Just as word hits that he's going to work with Anne Hathaway on The Fiance, the trailer for his current film hits the web. Straight from Moviefone, you can check out the all-too-familiar trailer for SeventeenAgain above -- the flick where Matthew Perry gets turned back to the age of 17 (as Zac Efron) and goes to school with his kids.

The only thing this trailer doesn't have is a foot-tapping keyboard at FAO Schwartz. Yes, basically this is Big for the next generation. If you can get beyond its derivative flavor, the movie looks decent enough -- all the requisite silliness and jokes. But I do have to ask: How long is Michelle Trachtenberg going to keep up with the teen roles? She's 23, so she isn't into 90210 territory yet, but it'd be nice to see her graduate to the next phase of on-screen life.

Watch the trailer and weigh in below: Will you go see Seventeen Again, or will you just rent Big?

If you want to see the trailer Hi-Def, click on the film's title above.