After starting off his career balancing comedy with the likes of Reality Bites and Permanent Midnight, Ben Stiller ripped the variety right out of him and ensconced himself in rom-coms and goofy laughs. Sure, Derek Zoolander, Gaylord Focker, White Goodman, and Tugg Speedman have been fun, but I kept wishing for the time to come when he'd balance it with either drama or something a little less funny. Now that I was finally resigning myself to the fact that it would never happen, the unbelievable might be upon us.

I'm so surprised by this latest bit of news that I actually read it a few times, convinced I was halucinating. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Stiller is in talks to take on The Trial of The Chicago 7at DreamWorks. Right now, the talks are only in the "exploratory stage," and both the studio and director are trying to find out if the pairing will work. Take it, Stiller! Hire him, DreamWorks! No, Stiller hasn't taken on political drama before, but I'll take anything that allows him to once again show us his range. Greengrass and Spielberg, and then Stiller. I love it!

If you haven't been following the project: Last we heard, Paul Greengrass had opted out of the film, which will showcase the trial of the Chicago 7 -- the eight (I know) people arrested (like Abbie Hoffman and Bobby Seale) during the '68 Democratic convention for inciting a riot and conspiracy.

I'm sold, but what about you?

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