Last night, I found myself surrounded by a swarm of youngsters who were eating up High School Musical 3: Senior Year (I'd tell you what I thought, but studio snipers are watching my every word; we'll have our official review up soon enough). Particularly towards the end, each and every opportunity to stomp and clap was embraced, which led me to wonder: just how long before an inevitable sing-along version is released?

Now, nothing's certain, but given that Disney saw fit to release this one theatrically, I doubt they're above any last chance to wring this for all the money it can make. Acting under that presumption, I'd be willing to bet that, were we to see HSM3: Senior Year Sing-Along, it'd be on either:

  • November 14: the tweens couldn't care less about James Bond, are just old enough to pass on Madagascar 2 and just young enough to think that three weeks since their first time has been an eternity, or...
  • December 5: the week after Thanksgiving is often a dead zone (home last year to, um, Awake), and between no direct family-friendly competition from Punisher: Take Two and screens likely freed up by whatever holiday release underperforms (there's always at least one), these are exactly the kind of conditions that nature abhors and that Disney may yet take advantage of

Did any of you turn out for Hairspray or Mamma Mia! these past two summers? Would you go back for another go here if the kids begged you? Would you totally just act like that was your plan all along as you tap your feet and wail in your shower voice as your spawn and those seated near stare on in awe/terror?

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