Unfortunately, when it comes to Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, we've come to that inevitable time in the life of a horror franchise when folks start thinking about remakes. Last year brought Rob Zombie's not-so-hot remake of Halloween, and now a brand new Friday the 13th remake is set to debut in theaters on February 13th, 2009. The first teaser trailer for Friday the 13th (directed by Marcus Nispel, the guy behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and the much buzzed-about Amy Grant: Building the House of Love) arrived in bootleg form yesterday, but now you can see a brand new (and different) crystal (lake) clear version after the jump, courtesy of MySpace.

Go ahead, I'll wait ...

Creepy mother's voice? Check. Teenage girl running scared through the woods? Check. Lots of darkness? Check. Jason, in full hockey mask, running after a victim? Um ... check? We missed you Jason! I just wish we could've celebrated Halloween together, instead of having to spend another year with that Halloween ball-hog Jigsaw. And that's what we want to know today: Of course it would be ideal for a Friday the 13th movie to be released on a Friday, October 13th so that it would fall right in line with that creeptacular holiday and all, but since that's not always an option, would you rather a Friday the 13th movie come out around Halloween or on an actual Friday the 13th? Which is cooler? Which helps better set the spooky mood?

Sound off below. (And in case you're wondering how many Friday the 13th films actually opened on Friday the 13th, then stick around because we've got something special planned in a little bit ...)

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