Cinematical is pretty stoked to have received this exclusive never-before-seen featurette from the recently-released The Nightmare Before Christmas: Collector's Edition DVD. I'll never get tired of watching this flick, and fans out there (I know there's tons of you) will totally dig the video below, which is all about the storyboarding process. In fact, I believe it's actually called The Storyboarding Process. My favorite part of it is watching how they create this sort of comic book out of the film before they actually dive in to everything else. Not only is it fascinating to watch in relation to The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it's just a cool little video in general for anyone who, like me, is a fan of the process. So check it out below.

Additionally, after the jump, we've included video of the Hand-Painted Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Bust that we're giving away as part of our Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Contest. If you were on the fence about entering, something tells me that little nugget of awesomeness may sway your decision.