He might not have many features to his name, but McG certainly tries to keep things fresh, between butt-kicking women, tear-jerking football teams, and soon a robot-filled apocalypse. But as Terminator Salvation makes its way to the big screen, McG is gearing up for his next blockbuster.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Warner Bros. has grabbed the rights to an upcoming spy novel called Dead Spy Running for McG to direct. Unfortunately, the novel isn't coming out until 2009, and the details are being kept under wraps. All that's being shared right now is that it will focus on a newly trained spy and aim "to reinvent the spy genre." How much reinvention remains to be seen, but they do say it'll mix the tone of Bourne with the works of John Le Carre. I assume that means a one-man-against-the-world premise, without the swank and cocktails of James Bond.

Personally, I'd wish for a female spy. Between Bond and Bourne, the guys have had their fare share of mystery and intrigue. It'd be nice to see this project branch out -- Charlie's Angels with more heart and story, and less panty-clad and wiggling Diaz. But I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

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