You might have noticed that The A-Teamnews front has been pretty quiet lately. Back in March, the film got a June 12, 2009 release date, but that was it -- no cast, no news, no nothing. Now Variety reports that the film's release has been pushed back to June 2010 and that director John Singleton has left the project due to the studio wanting more rewrites on the script. I guess this gives them more time to figure out who, exactly, will make up this cast. Mr. T's pretty handy with computers, hacking into WOW and the like. Maybe he could save the day and get this beast moving forward!

When it comes to finding the right actors for a project Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, one should look no further than Mr. Crispin Glover. And yup, The Hollywood Reporter tells us Glover has indeed signed on to play the freaky Knave of Hearts. Seeing as the film will be a cross between live action and performance-capture -- with the Wonderland stuff most likely dabbling in the latter -- it would appear Glover is heading back to familiar territory following his work in the performance-capture flick Beowulf.

Finally, a British film has scored one heck of a sweet cast. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent, and Brendan Gleeson are starring in the comedy thriller Perrier's Bounty, which focuses on "three unlikely fugitives on the run from a gangster kingpin." Unfortunately it doesn't look like these three are the exact trio (which is unfortunate). Murphy will play the lead, Broadbent will play his long-lost father, and Gleeson will play Perrier.
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