Well, duh. That's what you're thinking after reading that headline. Of course Steven Soderbergh is going to make a live-action 3D rock 'n' roll musical about Cleopatra. He couldn't find a backer for the animated all-female pop opera about Nikola Tesla, and the black-and-white German-language kabuki play about Attila the Hun fell through, so naturally the live-action 3D rock 'n' roll musical about Cleopatra would have to be his next choice. Anybody could have seen that coming.

Soderbergh, who has directed about 20 theatrical features covering about 15 different genres and styles, seems determined to make his most unusual film yet. Varietysays it's called Cleo, it's budgeted at $30 million, and Soderbergh is pursuing Catherine Zeta-Jones (whom he worked with in Traffic and Ocean's Twelve) to play Ms. Patra and Hugh Jackman to be her Marc Antony. We know they can both sing. But can they sing in 3D??

Oh, and in case it didn't sound weird enough already, the music is by indie rock band Guided By Voices (founded in 1983; disbanded in 2004) with a script by the band's former bass player (and sometime author), James Greer. Soderbergh is apparently a GBV fan -- one of their songs appeared in his Full Frontal, and the frontman, Robert Pollard, provided some music for Bubble.

Soderbergh is a busy guy. His four-hour Che Guevara biopic is about to be released, he's just finished a whistleblower comedy-drama called The Informant starring Matt Damon, he's preparing to make a Liberace biopic starring Michael Douglas, and his next project, The Girlfriend Experience, will be released simultaneously in theaters, on DVD, and on the HDNet movie channel. For an extra fee, Soderbergh will come to your house and act it out for you. Cleo will have to wait at least until after Girlfriend Experience, and maybe after the Liberace thing. And who knows, in the meantime he might decide to make a futuristic outer-space epic about Benjamin Franklin and Charo. You never know with that guy!
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