It's amazing what a little Run Lola Run flavor can do for a trailer. Back in September, William Goss shared the first trailer for Clive Owen's The International. It was your typical uber dramatic sort of trailer -- what-if text, overtly dramatic music, gunshots -- way too familiar to really stick out and differentiate itself from every other action thriller out there. As a fan of the Clive, it did nothing for me.

But now the international trailer is out (go see it over at First Showing) and it looks like The International has hit its stride and made itself stand out. Ironically, they did it by going back to the familiar, the film that made director Tom Tykwer recognizable -- Run Lola Run. The trailer starts off typically, but then the beats slip in as "From Columbia Pictures" slips on the screen. Soon Owen is walking along a roof and it seems like Lola is going to rush by him at any second. While this might make the whole thing seem typical, it's still easy to see that this is nothing like Tykwer's run fest, even if the trailer has its share of running set to the beat. The music merely does its job at piquing interest and excitement.

I think I know what I'm doing on Valentine's Day. How about you? (The film hits theaters on February 13, 2009.)