The guy is busy making his first romantic comedy, but that didn't stop Hatchet / Spiral director Adam Green from calling a few friends up and delivering his tenth Halloween short in as many years. (You may remember previous entries like King in the Box or The Tiffany Problem.) Green's latest is a brief horror satire called The TiVo, which shows what happens when a young man (Parry Shen) allows a TiVo into his life. The short also features a gorgeous brunette and an awesome kitty cat.

If that sounds a little odd, it should be noted that Green was once a stand-up comedian, and he has a knack for comedy to match his passion for horror. (I never knew that the TiVo's sound effects could be funny!) Click right here to wander around Adam's newly-redesigned arieScope website, and then click on "view the short films" to pick through Adam's shorts. (Ewww.)

And if that doesn't satisfy your craving for silly short films with a horror slant, then you definitely have to check out this series of geek-tastic clips that Green and joltin' Joe Lynch put togther for UK FrightFest. Funny stuff. And you guys thought slasher directors were creepy freaks, didn't you?

(Thanks to Dread Central for letting me steal their pic without permission.)
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