I've done some pieces that I'm happy with here at Cinematical. No seriously, I actually LIKE maybe 15% of my total output, but one of those good articles was a Cine-7 called The World's Best 'Comfort' Movies. And going by our traffic numbers and reader feedback, it seems a few other people enjoyed it too. So you know what that means: Sequel Time!

It was a few doses of horrific dental surgery that inspired the first article, but this time it's the suffering of a good friend that got me writing. Pictured above is Cinematical's official cat (Jonesy) as he watches a favorite film from the inside of a cone collar that he has to wear because his front paws are in seriously bad shape and he's prone to licking at them. Jonesy's comfort movie suggestions are listed in italics. He just likes typing in italics.

The first time around I just picked seven films that always seem to make me feel good, and those films were: Finding Nemo, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Princess Bride, Raising Arizona, King Kong '33, Miller's Crossing, and the comedy combo of Animal House, Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, and Stripes. (And then I threw Superman '78 onto the pile.) But this time I'm using a few suggestions from our readers ... and I'm digging into the scary stuff.
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