Looking for something to watch this weekend that's not called High School Musical 3 or Saw 5? Then our friends at Cinetic and SnagFilms have a pair of very topical political documentaries you might enjoy...

The first one is called 18 in 08, which is "a nonpartisan documentary film made by 19 year old director, David D. Burstein. It is targeted at today's 17-24 year olds, many of whom will be voting for the first time in a presidential election in 2008. 18 in '08 features interviews with many of the most influential politicians of today, as well as popular culture figures, political activists, media commentators, and student leaders." You can see this film right here.

The second is A Call to Action, which "depicts how voter registration organization HeadCount, and other non-profits, have turned the live music community into a politically influential force. Join Bob Weir, Trey Anastasio, Marc Brownstein, Al Schnier, Bela Fleck and many other HeadCount supporters as they reflect upon the history of the organization, its mission and the live music scene's increased mobilization around causes." This one is viewable right here.

I've got a pretty busy weekend planned (Go Phillies!), but we'd love to hear some reactions if you sit down with either film.
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