As we come out of the weekend, Juno's dad and Claire Fisher's conservative boyfriend are teaming up for a new film. The Hollywood Reporter posts that J.K. Simmons and Chris Messina are joining Jessica Alba in An Invisible Sign of My Own. Described as an Amelie-style film, the indie "follows the transformation of a sheltered, math-obsessed teacher when a new science teacher arrives at her school." No word on who Simmons and Messina will play, but does it really matter when we have Alba not only taking over the whimsical shoes of Audrey Tatou, but also trying to be a math nerd? Strrrange casting!

And have you ever wondered what Thelma & Louise would've been like had they driven all over the place with a corpse? THR also posts that Laura Harring, Jill Marie Jones, and Oded Fehr have signed on to star in a new dark comedy called Drool. Basically, Harring will play an abused wife who accidentally kills her husband (Fehr) as she plans to leave her "better" half with the help of her friend (Jones). What does she do? She decides to "drive the body cross-country." That just doesn't sound sanitary.

To some, he's a dancer from Fame. To others, he's Baz's Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet. (He needs to do more Shakespeare!) To most these days, however, he's Michael Dawson from Lost. And now THR posts that Harold Perrineau is going to executive produce and star in a new indie drama called Case 219. Based on Walter Dean Myers' novel Shooter, the film focuses on three misfit teens after a high school shooting.

And one more little bit: Henry Thomas has joined Dear John.
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