Over on his Times Online pop culture blog, Michael Moran confronted what he considered to be the ten silliest sequel rumors at the moment. His list runs the gamut from projects we've been hearing about for ages -- The Goonies 2 and Ghostbusters 3 -- to ones that never crossed my radar in the slightest (dude, they should totally bring back Katherine Heigl if they go through with Under Siege 3).

For that matter, what's The Wicker Man without a shouting Nic Cage? Or an I Am Legend prequel in which Will Smith finds himself confronted with hardship after hardship until we end up where the first one began? (In that case, simply remake The Pursuit of Happyness, but with a deadly virus replacing crippling poverty.) Speaking of post-apocalyptic pandemics, I do count myself among those pleasantly surprised by how much 28 Weeks Later worked, so I'm more reluctant than ever to write off a third one. (As a bigger fan of Cloverfield, though, I think that they're just pushing their luck with any sort of follow-up.)

Thusly, I ask which, if any, of these sequel/prequel prospects are you guys and gals excited for? And which ones seem downright ludicrous to consider *cough*Blade Runner*cough*Watchmen*cough*300*cough*? (And while I'm at it, anyone else ready to throw in the towel on Pirates of the Caribbean? Oh, wait, we've already had this talk...)
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