The other day I was surfing through Serious Eats and I came upon this -- a picture of Frank the Bunny, from Donnie Darko, painted on hot dogs. It was cool, but it didn't seem like enough for Fan Made until I came upon the artist Rakka's Flickr page. There are two hundred and forty seven images made mostly with food and applicable materials, and usually featuring celebrities.

A little painting on a hot dog is nothing. You can check out Ann Margret done in cayenne, a real marshmallowy Stay Puft dude, Divine done in licorice, James Bond in Gold Bond foot cream, and my favorite, which you can see to the right. I assume you spot the significance of what was used to make Inigo Montoya's face. How awesome is that? Heck, there's even Pamityville Horror -- oh yes, the Amity house done in Pam Cooking Spray. And ... Ice Cube Cubes! Check out a few in the gallery below, then see the rest right over here.

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