"By calling it Zack and Miri Make a Porno, you're drawing a line in the sand that kinda says, anyone who's remotely interested in a movie like that with that title, come on in. If you're offended by the word porno, stay the f*ck away. This ain't for you
." -- Kevin Smith

Last month, I traveled to Red Bank, New Jersey and enjoyed a very cool lunch with a very cool dude by the name of Kevin Smith. While we scarfed down some tasty Italian food, I recorded roughly an hour and a half of our conversation -- all of which would be way too much to read in one post. Thus, I've decided to break some stuff up into sections and post them separately, then I'll be back with much more in the coming days leading up to the October 31st release of the pretty hilarious Zack and Miri Make a Porno. At one point during our conversation, Kevin told me about the alternate title Bob Weinstein wanted for Zack and Miri. Check it out:

Kevin Smith: "That [title] sh*t didn't come up until we were deep in the process. Because when I was sitting around with Harvey [Weinstein], we were talking about some Clerks II stuff and he asked what I wanted to do next. So I said there was this movie I was thinking about making called Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and he goes ...

[the following is written out in script form because it's easier to read, though keep in mind these are all still Smith's words]

Harvey Weinstein: Done. Green lit.
Kevin Smith: Don't you wanna know what it's about?
Harvey Weinstein: Kevin, doesn't that title say it all? That's a great title. Hopefully it's about a little more when we're done, but so be it.

So we were all up and running -- Seth [Rogen] read it, loved it -- and so it never really occurred to anyone. Two weeks into shooting I get a phone call from Bob Weinstein, and Bob goes ...

Bob Weinstein: Kevin, I've been thinking about the title a lot. That title just gives it all away. Why is anyone going to go see this movie if they know exactly what's going to happen based on that title?
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