'Ninja Scroll'A brutally violent tale of revenge set in feudal Japan, with eye-popping nudity, rape, and, oh yeah, did I mention the buckets of blood? Of course, that makes Ninja Scroll perfect fodder for a live-action version -- further evidence that 300 was a game-changer, as if we needed more -- and that's what Warner Brothers intends to make through the auspices of Appian Way, AKA Leonardo DiCaprio's production company.

Writer Alex Tse (Watchmen, Frankie Machine) has been hired, but Leo "is not planning to act in the film," according to Variety. Leo may not be able to open an Iraq-themed action picture, but he can still get long-gestating anime adaptations into development, i.e. Akira, and now Ninja Scroll, which is set up as a co-production with Japanese company par excellenceMadhouse.

Ninja Scroll was originally released in Japan in 1993 before receiving a limited theatrical run in the US in 1996. I saw it at a midnight screening; I was very tired that night, but I have vivid memories of naked women and slashing swords. Admittedly, that could describe a number of pictures; still, if I recall correctly, Ninja Scroll really moved at a good pace, so the live-action version better not be ponderous and slow.

Since Leo is, at this point, not planning to enter the world of ninjas and vengeance, who would you like to see as the ninja vagabond Jubei Kibagami? Do you think the adaptation will remain based in ancient Japanese feudal society? Or will it be unrecognizably "modernized" into a modern-day tale or, heaven forbid, transmogrified into an American revenge fantasy?

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