As far as movie nakedness goes, do you prefer the comedic kind (think of Mike Meyers, John Cleese or Graham Chapman) or do your tastes run more towards the sexy stuff like Daryl Hannah, Brigitte Bardot and (sigh) Beverly D'Angelo in National Lampoon's Vacation! I only ask because a goofy little bracket game just went up at the Entertainment Weekly website, and since any blog post with the word "nude" in it gets massive traffic, I just figured the game was worth mentioning on a boring Monday afternoon.

Basically you click right here and then vote your way through a series of tourney-style brackets, picking the most memorable nude scene each time out. Of course Borat is in there, and so is Will Ferrell, so I'm thinking that EW (and should have split the titillating tournament into two divisions: The silly stuff and the sexy stuff. Ah, but which division would Charlton Heston go in? He's both!

Anyway, pop on in and have a PG-rated click-fest with some of your favorite cinematic skin. Better yet, go do that and then come back here to wonder, like omg how did ACTRESS X in MOVIE Y not make the tournament!?!?! (Classy move by EW to not include Jcon from Requiem, because I'm sorry but that IS one seriously memorable nude scene.) But if EW wants to put together another tourney, I'll cast my votes for Salma Hayek in Desperado, Joey Lauren Adams in Mallrats, Pamela Susan Shoop in Halloween 2, or Bo Derek in anything pre-1989. And if I'm being honest and the topic is "most memorable nudity," I'd have to admit that Harvey Keitel buck-naked is, for some reason, forever seared across my brain. Can't even remember what movie it was.

And how the hell did they leave Ewan "Eterno-Nude" McGregor out of the contest? (For more on blatant cinematic nudity, click here and here.)