All movie fans have experienced the sensation of watching something terrible and thinking, "What is this crap? I could totally come up with something better than this!" Well, now you can put your money where your mouth is, as Details magazine is inviting people to submit movie ideas, the best of which will actually be turned into a movie.

Variety has a variety of details on the Details contest. Larry Meistrich, an indie film producer with more than 30 credits to his name (including You Can Count on Me and Sling Blade), will help Details choose the winner and oversee production of the film. All genres and concepts are welcome, and you can submit anything from a rough plot outline to a finished screenplay. There's a $10 entrance fee, but it costs that much just to watch a movie. Making a movie for 10 bucks is a total bargain! Plus, the entrance fee earns you a year's subscription to Details.

Details wants the winning idea to appeal to "intelligent, modern, metropolitan men." Hmm. Is that what Details thinks of itself? Off the top of my head, here are some movie ideas that you can use if you really want to tap into the Details mindset.
  • A guy spends $1,000 on a shirt, then reads some articles about the right way to wear the shirt, then tells his friends he spent $1,000 on a shirt, and his friends laugh at him for being a douchebag.
  • A magazine writer is working on a tight deadline and can't come up with anything to write about, so he makes up a saucy, non-existent trend ("Are threeways on the upswing?"), farts out 500 words on the subject, stretches it to three pages by filling it with unrelated photos of models wearing expensive underwear, and calls it a day.
  • A guy lives his life doing everything he can to appeal to gays while avoiding actually saying he's trying to appeal to gays. (That one's an allegory.)
Anyone else got one? Oh, and as for specifics on how to enter the contest -- no idea. The Variety article doesn't say, and I can't find anything on the Detailswebsite, either. Thanks to Stephen in the comments for finding info on how to enter.