If you recall nothing else about The Da Vinci Code, surely you remember that Tom Hanks sported a ghastly mullet in it. So the important thing to know about Angels & Demons, the follow-up that's due out May 15, is that Hanks' hairstyle has been corrected. So that's a relief.

USA Today has the first images to be released from the film, confirming the better hairdo and the presence of Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer (that's her with Hanks). Ewan McGregor is on hand, too, playing a Catholic operative. Ron Howard is back as director, and Akiva Goldsman has once again written the adaptation of Dan Brown's novel.

You can check out the rest of the pics at USA Today, where there's also an article mentioning, among other things, that the filmmakers had originally hoped to shoot some of the film at the Vatican -- which is amusing because that's sort of like Oliver Stone hoping to shoot some of W. at George Bush's ranch. But whatevs.

Da Vinci Code was a mediocre film, but it sure made a pantload of money. So are you excited for Angels & Demons? Is the book any good? What are Tom and Ayelet looking at in that photo, and how come no one else in the picture notices whatever it is?