When he donned a wig and a dress, John Travolta made our Lame in 2007 list for his work in Hairspray. But now he's taking a decidedly different look for his work -- baldness!

Above is a peek at Travolta, from ExtraTV, on the set of his new movie -- From Paris with Love, which is shooting in (surprise, surprise) France. The film, co-written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak, stars Travolta as an American spy, while Jonathan Rhys Meyers co-stars as an embassy employee. Travolta doesn't look too bad with a bald noggin, and now I've got visions of the actor teaming up with Bruce Willis for a baldie buddy cop film.

But back to the film -- there's just as much drama off-screen as there is on. Earlier this month, production was postponed after arson attacks. The film was set to shoot in one of Paris' suburbs, but then 10 stunt cars were set on fire "during a night-time rampage." It looks like things are back on, and hopefully will continue safely. The film is set to hit theaters next year.
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