"I'm thankful for that guy. Nevermind the fact that he brought us Seth Rogen, which I'm really thankful for, but he did shatter that glass ceiling and made my job much easier in terms of, like, trying to get the next one made."
-- Kevin Smith on Judd Apatow

Last month, I traveled to Red Bank, New Jersey and enjoyed a very cool lunch with a very cool dude by the name of Kevin Smith. While we scarfed down some tasty Italian food, I recorded roughly an hour and a half of our conversation -- all of which would be way too much to read in one post. Thus, I've decided to break some stuff up into sections and post them separately, then I'll be back with much more in the coming days leading up to the October 31st release of the pretty hilarious Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Here, Smith talks at length about Judd Apatow, the impact Judd's films have had on his own work and what sort of advice he received from the director of Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin while making Zack and Miri. Check it out.

Kevin Smith: "I heard someone describe it thusly, and I kinda agree: 'Kevin Smith opened the door for Judd Apatow, and then Judd Apatow in turn opened the door for Kevin Smith.' I can't argue with that. For years we've been doing these movies that were a mixture of raunchy and sentimentality and sweet. And I've always felt like the ceiling for that movie with that formula is $30 million. You can't get the rom-com people and you can't get the raunch people in full -- you're gonna get people who like a mixture of the two and you're left with whoever can tolerate both.

40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad come along and they shatter that glass ceiling. They proved this sh*t's commercially viable. So the first time I see 40 Year Old Virgin on DVD, I'm like, 'Holy shit! Somebody made a movie like I would've made it."

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