Thankfully, this time around the images aren't spread clear across these internets on several different sites. Nope, this time the new Star Trekphotos come courtesy of those nuts over at Empire, who've revealed two new stills from the film (one of which you can see above), as well as a cover featuring the new Kirk and Spock. I especially like the image they threw together below -- re-creating that classic Kirk and Spock pose with the newbies, played by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

So far all the images released look pretty rad, though there's a lot riding on that new trailer playing before Quantum of Solace (in theaters November 14), and I have a feeling we'll be discussing that bad boy for awhile after it makes its official online debut. In case you missed them, check out all the previously-released Star Trek images in the gallery below. Star Trek beams itself into theaters on May 8.

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