Will the Oscars slowly turn into The MTV Movie Awards by the time we hit, I dunno, 2011? While that might be a stretch, poor ratings and the public's desire to actually see their favorite films of the year nominated and recognized might just sway Academy voters to start showing more love toward more commercial flicks. Like, say, The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Tropic Thunder -- all of which will be receiving an Oscar push in the coming weeks. Also on the agenda, Disney is cooking up a campaign for WALL-E in the Best Picture category even though an animated film has never won the Academy's top award, so says The New York Times. (Note: It will still be possible for WALL-E to be nominated in the Best Animated Film category as well as Best Picture.)

But if there's ever a year for upsets, 2008 is definitely it. The writer's strike and struggling economy really hurt some potential awards contenders (The Roadand The Soloist were pushed back to 2009), and awards buzz on others (Changeling, Frost/Nixon) ain't exactly all that promising. So, heck, in a year where the Tampa Bay Rays make it to the World Series, I don't see why WALL-E shouldn't slip into the Best Picture category. But how do you feel about it? Should the Oscars take a more pop-centric, mass appeal approach going forward? Or should that stuff be reserved for the Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards? And what about poor old WALL-E? Where does he fit in?