Confession time – I didn't see The Incredible Hulk in theaters. I was short on funds and friends to go with, and before I knew it, it was gone. I know most of you out there are better geeks than I, and probably have seen it twice over already. But there's probably a bunch of people out there who had to wait around until last week's DVD release, and might like a chance to talk about it. Hulk out, if you will. To get you all going, Scott Weinberg and I held our own spirited discussion -- or as spirited as one can be at 2am. (4am his time -- he has more stamina than Emil Blonsky!)

Elisabeth: Well first, you need to tell me why Hulk is your favorite character -- because you are honestly the only Hulk fan I know.

Scott: Even as a kid I thought HULK was the most horror-ish of the Marvel superheroes. He's just Jekyll & Hyde, basically.

Elisabeth: Ah, that makes sense. Frankenstein's Monster, too. With a dash of King Kong.

Scott: Sure. Misunderstood beast. Plus he was the only Marvel hero who was trying to get RID of his powers. I thought that was cool.
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