Quick, name two things you've always wanted to see in a movie on the big screen ...

If you answered the Jonas Bros. and a farting dog, then I have some hella good news for you. 20th Century Fox has seduced the much sought-after Jonas boys (think: this generation's Hanson) into starring in their first feature, and it's called ... Walter the Farting Dog. Okay. What's creepier: That these three boys wanted this project to be their big film debut or that thousands of pre-teen girls will eventually jam and smash their way into theaters for a movie with the word 'farting' in the title? Wait, don't answer that.

All kidding aside, though, my dog churns out some seriously stinky surprises on a daily basis, and so I wholeheartedly sympathize with anyone whose animal likes to spread his or her most delicious fragrance all throughout the house. Interestingly enough, Walter the Farting Dog is based on a very popular series of books about a fat farting dog who joins a family of musicians (hey, the Jonas Bros. are musicians!) when the dog's owner (their aunt) falls sick and passes away. Oh, and here's the cherry for the top of this scrumptious cake: Peter and Bobby Farrelly (There's Something About Mary) might direct the thing. I guess if you're looking for a couple of dudes who do fart jokes for a living, you can't really go wrong with those Farrelly boys ... except if you want your movie to turn out good. Ouch. I still love ya Mary!

What say you Jonas fans? Is this the perfect project for these boys, or should they seek out something a tad less icky?

[via Variety]
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