Mega-sloppy cult mini-classic Pieces hits DVD this week, but my copy hasn't arrived yet, so check out BD's fine review by slasher-lover David Harley.

If you like Leprechaun, Warlock, and comic book adaptations, Shock has some good news for you. And Twitchfilm has a great little interview with the director of Tokyo Gore Police. And MTV talks Medusas and Krakens. Oooh, and Lionsgate is planning a My Bloody Valentine special edition DVD to tie in with their remake.

Anyone remember me (and the other horror nerds) raving about a Canadian horror flick called End of the Line? If so you'll be pleased to note that the DVD is now available in R1 -- but only from Canadian distributors. More info here.

UGO has an exclusive peek at the brand-new trailer for The Grudge 3right here.

A few weeks back, director Clint Hutchison asked me if I could take a look at his horror flick Conjurer before the DVD went to press. Unfortunately I got busy with other stuff, so I'm a bit late with my comments: This is a rather fine little gothic thriller, in no way related to slasher flicks or "torture" stuff. It's actually a rather cool '70s-style slow-burn horror tale about a young couple, a new house, and a really creepy little cabin. Definitely not a "slam-bang" horror flick, but I thought it was well-shot, well-acted, and pretty engrossing for a fairly familiar story. (The DVD comes out on November 25.)

My pal Irv over at Movies Unlimited has a few recommendations from the new Hammer "Icons" Collection.

Lastly, Nacho Vigalondo's very nifty Timecrimes has a brand-new theatrical trailer that does a fine job of introducing the movie without spoiling any of the surprises. Here it is:
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