Back in October of 2007, when Robert Pattinson signed on to play Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, he was merely Cedric Diggory, the slain cutey from the Potter series. Now he's the vampire hottie of Twilight, and is gearing up to make all the young vamp lovers squee. But he's also going to show us a saucy side of Dali next year, and to the right you can get a glimpse of what that will be like, courtesy of EW. (And more over at MTV.)

Little Ashes
focuses on the relationship between Dali and the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Dali swore that Lorca's lust for him never became physical, but screenwriter Philippa Goslett's take on the relationship is much steamier, insisting that they did consummate the relationship in some way.

There has got to be something in the water over at Hogwarts, or something in the air on the sets of darker teen fare. Rather than sticking with fluffy musicals or succumbing to celebrity, these guys are branching out and really challenging themselves. That's refreshing to see.

But back to Mr. Salvador: Do you buy Pattinson as Dali?
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