Warning: This is another Watchmen post that contains heavy spoilers. Read further at your own risk.

Last week, I reluctantly shared the news that Zack Snyder's adaptation of Watchmen may actually have done the unthinkable, and changed the ending. This went against all reports to the contrary, and wasn't exactly from the most reliable of sources. All such reports came from anonymous test screeners, were posted in oddball forums and IMDB, and yanked offline as quickly as they appeared. I think it's telling that no full-fledged reviews popped up on sites like Ain't It Cool News where, despite any NDR you sign, you can usually share your unvarnished thoughts.

Theories run rampant. Many wondered if Warner Bros was testing alternate endings. Some think it was a buzz generating prank -- Snyder did, after all, select that Smashing Pumpkins' song for the trailer with an eye to teasing the fans. But a song is a long way from filming an expensive alternate ending. Others think the anonymous reviews were faked by mean-spirited fans, or posted by studio plants.

It seems like that first theory might be true, after all. Rich Johnston of CBR's Lying in the Gutters column reports that Warners is testing out alternate endings. Apparently, there's more than one floating around, with "the multiple atomic detonations" version being one of many. The date, time, and place of the screening was deliberately leaked to fan outlets in order to lure in the faithful, and see what they thought of the switch-a-roo. Warner Bros is trying to gauge the fan reaction in order to see how far they can push us, with the idea that a squidless ending might be more appealing to the mainstream audience. However, the FX on the squid-alien have been created and he might just be appearing on a big screen near you.

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