Every October I rack my brain trying to come up with some new type of horror list. (Me and every other genre site in the world!) But I was watching one of my favorites the other night and I was struck by how damn creepy the movie is. Like from frame one to the final stinger. Off-putting, distressing, ominous, sinister ... creepy, basically. And boom, there's your Cine-7 topic. Plain Old Creepy Flicks. And obviously I want some good contributions from you folks. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Sleepy Hollow -- It's not often mentioned among Tim Burton's best films, but I've grown very fond of this flick over the last several years. The basic story is cool enough, and there's a great ensemble to sift through, but it's just the simple LOOK of the movie that keeps me feeling a little bit creeped out. This adaptation is perfect for family viewing, too, provided your kids are at least pre-teens. It's scary (and gory) enough to not be corny, and it's got just enough plot to keep the parents interested. Plus, c'mon. Johnny Depp is great in this movie.

Pumpkinhead-- Prior to sitting down with the recent (and excellent) special edition of Stan Winston's one and only directorial effort, all I'd remembered about the flick was A) Lance Henriksen, B) a very cool monster, and C) a surprisingly atmospheric presentation. And that recent viewing said the same thing: This is a very cool monster movie. Dark, gothic, a little gory, and a rather cool ending.
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