Cinematical has just received this exclusive clip from the documentary Until the Light Takes Us, which will enjoy its premiere at the upcoming 2008 AFI Fest in Los Angeles. And for those interested in learning a bit more about this flick -- which was just featured as one of LA Weekly's Critics Picks -- then I have three words for you: Norwegian Death Metal. Gotta be honest and say this ain't exactly the type of music I rock out to on a daily basis, but the doc itself looks pretty interesting.

From the synopsis: This riveting documentary provides a voyeuristic glimpse into the world of Norwegian Black Metal - an extreme sub genre of heavy metal, which has been met with considerable hostility from mainstream culture, mainly due to the misanthropic and anti-Christian ideology of many bands as well as its sound. The founders of this morbid branch of heavy metal consist of a handful of surprisingly articulate Norwegian teenage friends with a complex set of extreme nationalistic, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian beliefs. These young men actually practice what they preach, engaging in rampant church burning, suicide and even murder, while in the process becoming some of the most notorious criminals in European history." You can read more about Varg Vikernes, who's the man featured in the clip below and one of the architects of this underground music-art-political scene, over here. And if you're in Los Angeles for AFI Fest, do pop in and let us know what you think of the film (we'll try to have a review up real soon).