Harold and Maude is pretty much the cult movie. There are people like me who gush about Heathers, others who gush about Killer Tomatoes or Sho'nuff, but I've never heard as much love as I have for Harold and Maude. Rightly so, being one of those films I can't imagine not existing.

Luckily we can see it whenever we want on DVD, but now you could also have their blissful and in-love faces right on your mantle. Almostfamous over at etsy has the paintings for sale for $370. It is, of course, for the pair -- because what are Maude and Harold without each other? But if that's too pricey for you -- prints of Maude are available for $14. Unfortunately, I don't see a print for Harold.

There are lots of others as well -- Enid from Ghost World, Tennenbaums, PeeWee, Amelie, Fear and Loathing. They're all great, but none come close to the utter suitability of Harold and Maude's couple portraits. Check out a few of our favorites in the gallery below.

[via BoingBoing]
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