The futuristic, post-apocalyptic drama Book of Eli is one of those features that sounds like a lot of other films -- man setting out in a wasteland to save the Earth. To me, it's one robot away from Cyborg -- well, a few pecs away as well, since star Denzel Washington isn't as beefy as Jean Claude Van Damme. But where the old post-apocalyptic world was great in that terrible, crappy movie sort of way, Eli is getting packed with talent.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that the wonderful chameleon Gary Oldman is in negotiations to co-star. Better yet -- it's taking him back to the dark side and away from his recent good guy forays. As Washington's Eli tries to make his way across America's wasteland and "protect a sacred book that might hold the key to saving the future of humanity," Oldman's Carnegie will try and stop him. The despot of a makeshift town without laws, Carnegie wants to take possession of the book Eli is guarding, presumably for his own benefit. (Or maybe for his little community a la Blindness?)

So yeah, it's Cyborg with a book instead of a robot, with less muscles, and a much better baddie. My hopes, they're soaring high. Production will kick into gear next year, and unfortunately, we'll have to wait until 2010 to see what Denzel and Gary make of this.
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