Warning: The clip contains some foul language and Sho'nuff violence.

It's a role that was meant to be, if any role was ever going to get a new leading man. The Hollywood Reporterposts that Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to play Sho'nuff in the remake of Berry Gordy's cult classic -- The Last Dragon. I mean, as you can see above, Sho'nuff thinks he's the baddest mofo around, and we've all seen the wallet Jackson carries around with him. (Sadly, however, he can't fight for the honor -- original Sho'nuff Julius Carry died earlier this year.)

For the uninitiated -- Sho'nuff is the Shogun of Harlem, a baddie that young Leroy Green has to come up against on his quest for The Final Level and, subsequently, The Glow (the more you glow, the better you are). Berry Gordy's son Kerry is on as producer, so it's sticking in the family. Furthermore, Columbia president Doug Belgrad says: "They will capture everything that people love about the original while also bringing a fresh edge to the remake."

I hope he's right, because it'd really suck if this went the Death Race way and lost all the camp. But could it ever live up to the original?
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