Just what you needed at the end of a long day: more stuff (and things) to look at:

-- Is anyone else getting sick of these celeb-stacked Vote videos? Election day is when? Really? I haven't heard a peep about it. (See below)

-- So remember that totally awesome Ghostbusters video game that was supposed to come and then didn't? (Watch the trailer over here) Well the good news is Atari has bought the right to publish not only the Ghostbusters game, but also The Chronicles of Riddick ... so you can spend hours pretending to be a bald Vin Diesel wearing blacked-out swim goggles. [Variety]

-- And speaking of Vin Diesel (who's currently trying to revive his acting career by going back and starring in sequels to all his older movies), Collider tells us that the new xXx film will be called xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, and Rob Marshall Cohen is currently eying a summer 2010 release.

-- A new batch of images from Sherlock Holmes have made their way online (via The Bad & Ugly), and yep, Downey Jr. and Jude Law are still wearing those hats. Until one of them is photographed beating the living crap out of a villain, I think we're about done looking at these boring set pics. Whaddya think?

-- IESB spoke to Brandon Routh recently about whether he'd be down for a darker version of Superman in the sequel. Here's what the dude has to say about which villain he'd like to square off against: " I know that DC is working on a Brainiac storyline that they are excited about and I think combining the two and have that flow between the comics and the movie would be a nice thing. I honestly think there are a lot of interesting things you can do with Brainiac. Controlling people, controlling technology, a lot of cool things."

-- Fans of Twilight will be happy to know that starting tomorrow you can pre-order your Twilight movie ticket over at Fandango. Oh, but that's totally not all -- with each ticket purchased, you'll also get a free download of "Bella's Lullaby (Remix).