If you'd be a perfect stand-in for the dude currently pictured on the new Fanboys poster (seen here), Vader mask and all, then there's a good chance you'll totally dig Nerdcore's 2009 calendar, which takes on a sci-fi theme this time around and features plenty of beautiful women holding heavy artillery and not much else. Oh boy, I'd say The Force is definitely strong with these gals. Not only is the Nerdcore calendar good for staring at pretty ladies in sci-fi poses for long periods of time, but it also features Nerd Dates, which are "regular and nerdy holidays, including over one hundred important holy days for geeks." Love it. Check out a smokin' hot sneak preview in the gallery below (note: partial nudity, may be NSFW), and you can purchase the calendar over on the Nerdcore site.

[via Slashfilm]
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